Juliana Ingrid Ruth Kratz

September 26, 1930 animated flickering candle January 7, 2021
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A Fierce and Tender Woman

Dance, dance in the wind
You are free.
You will come to me,
And I will hear you,
The beauty of the universe
Radiant within you.
All the burdens you carried
Now slipped from you,
Lightening your step,
Easing your breath.
There will be times I call out
And I will hear you
In the rustle of leaves,
The chirp of a bird,
A slight pause as a ladybug arrives,
The sigh of an old and loved house,
The shift of air,
And I will know you are close.
I will feel you stir
In my heart
When the crocuses pop,
And tulips unveil themselves
In springtime
* * *

On September 26, 2021 a celebration of life was held in the Parksville BC Yates Memorial Centre. It was hosted by her children and welcomed as many persons that could be accommodated during the pandemic.

Juliana Ingrid Ruth Kratz was born Ingrid Ruth Jonas in Kiel, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany on September 26, 1930. The celebration of life would have marked her 91st birthday.

In order to allow all the persons who wished to celebrate Juliana Ingrid, but could not be present because of the pandemic, or distance or any reason, this page hopes to capture some of the feel of the celebration. Please note, if you use an iPad, try as I might, none of the video codecs work, please find a MAC, Windows, Android or Linux computer system, my apologies for the inconvenience.

Martin Kratz, Juliana's eldest son was Master of Ceremony and aided in the flow and ease of the event. Formal Presenters and Speakers were Carrie, Jesse, Lynne, Beulah and Fariyal.

A video of the first part of the celebration, including the formal speakers is available through this link

After the speakers several Video clips were shown:

First - a video of the life of Juliana Ingrid from her birth through to her last day. You can access the video clip using this link

Second - a beautiful video was made by Sylvia and Robin Campbell of North Island Wildlife Recovery Centre speaking of Juliana's involvement and her many contributions to the society. This video can be watched by clicking on this link

Third - a video tribute to Juliana's love of Canada and nature as interpreted by David "Ed" Camelot.
With images of Canada, Ed provides an eclectic and haunting interpretation of the National Anthem of "Oh Canada" in a Gregorian Chant style.
The video can be seen via this link

With the kind assistance of Stephanie, a video clip of the the speakers that came up after the formal part of the celebration has been created. You can access it through this link. Many thanks to Stephanie, Richard and Yvonne for making this possible.

Many thanks to everyone who could make it out to the celebration, sent wishes and thoughts and warm regards! Many thanks to Barry Tuck of Yates Memorial Parksville, who ensured that all the regulations were met, everyone was held safe and that the beautiful area was wholly available for the event.

Donations made in Juliana or Hans' names to North Island Wildlife Recovery Centre are deeply appreciated.

The above poem is published in the poetry book "The Faeries are Dancing" © 2021 by Karin Kratz.

If you have comments or questions about this page you can contact me via electronic mail through this link. Take gentle care of your selves . . . ˜Karin Kratz

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